Character Traits of the Tiger
Bold, charismatic, curious, protective, generous, lucky, optimistic, courageous, idealistic, intelligent, determined, benevolent, sensitive, loyal, ambitious, honorable, and reckless.

Tigers display strong leadership skills and dynamic personalities. They are optimistic and energetic. Tigers are purposeful in their actions and daring in their planning. They love to lead lives full of adventure and excitement and are often attracted to danger.

Tigers are lucky, enjoying good fortune in general, which only serves to fuel the belief that danger and sorrow cannot touch them. They tend to weather challenges and tragedy with grace and ease, emerging triumphant on the other side. Only in old age does the energetic Tiger begin to settle down to a life of contentment.

Tiger Lovers
Tigers are exceptionally passionate lovers with unrelenting desires. They are flirtatious and heroic, winning the hearts of lovers through theatrically romantic actions. They enjoy the chase and the excitement of new relationships. Fun and adventurous dates are their preferred wooing ground.

The Tiger’s natural tendency to seek new challenges and adventures makes them less inclined to settling down. They may experiment with monogamy but routine quickly loses its attraction. The Tiger’s constant need for new and exciting challenges and experiences tends to lead to straying.

Tiger Friends
Full of energy, enthusiasm, humor and personality, Tigers are fun, entertaining and humorous friends. They have the ability to lift the spirits of others and make them feel they can tackle any challenge. They often have busy social lives and cannot resist a social event. Incredible storytellers, Tigers are the life of the party, and enjoy any chance to dress up and strut their stuff.

Tigers are dependable and loyal friends that are there for their pals through thick and thin, but don’t do well with friends remaining in the thin of it for long. As Tigers don’t handle the blues well themselves, they will do most anything to elevate the mood of a friend who is down in the dumps.

Life Challenges of Tigers
Tigers struggle with remaining calm and being patient. They do not take advice well, nor do they hear wisdom in the words of others. So driven by their own desires, they can have difficulty relating to the feelings of others.