Character Traits of the Snake
Alert, intuitive, intelligent, conservative, cautious, calculating, mysterious, elegant, alluring, sophisticated, reflective, shrewd, organized, sensual and reflective.

Snakes may be quite but they can be quite influential, as well. They are powerful and alluring. True intellectuals by nature, Snakes live more in thoughts than through actions.

Snakes are sophisticated and culturally adept. They can remain appropriately controlled and emotionally detached, when necessary. They are conservative but tasteful in their actions and appearance and are often able to acquire significant material wealth and possessions without much effort.

Snake Lovers
Snakes are innately alluring. The powerful gaze and sensual conversation of a Snake makes quick work of most any introduction. Though gifted in seduction, once committed, Snakes are often deeply and enduringly in love.

Snakes select partners based on their social and personal benefits. They can sometimes seem cold, calculating or aloof when it comes to love. Though their partners may advance their social standing, the Snake’s perceived emotional detachment from romantic involvement is simply another aspect of the intriguingly complex seductive techniques employed to win the perfect mate.

Snake Friends
Snakes are exceptionally sociable and thrive at big gatherings. They are most interested in attending cultural events and indoor affairs where the environment is more controlled and they are more capable of influencing their circumstances.

Snakes enjoy luxury and class. They are often theater fans, museum visitors, and art gallery supporters and love to introduce their friends to the finer things in life.

Life Challenges of Snakes
Snakes live in their own heads and therefore struggle to become more physically involved in their own lives. Taking action is a challenge for a Snake, who would much rather contemplate reality than create it. Openly and honestly communicating how they feel is an ongoing challenge for a Snake.