Character Traits of the Rooster
Resourceful, resilient, courageous, flamboyant, cultivated, entertaining, capable, critical, proud, ambitious, knowledgeable, extravagant, frank, impulsive, protective, and provocative.

Roosters are strong characters full of honor. They can often be big fans of ceremony, as well. They tend to flourish in the military and other traditional communities in which their natural strengths are valued.

Roosters can be boastful and full of guff. They can be prone to manipulation by those who flatter then and are quite sensitive to criticism. They are often critical of others, as well. The Rooster is often very intelligent though he or she may downplay that intelligence, as Roosters often wish to be known for their physical presence and strength rather than their intellectual pursuits.

Rooster Lovers
Roosters want to be the boss in relationships, including in love and love making. Love affairs occur on their terms and any attempt to subvert that authority will result in distance from a Rooster partner.

While Roosters like to be in control they are also quite generous with their lovers. They indulge their partners in lavishness. They can put a lot of weight on appearances and want to be known as proficient lovers. Winning the heart of a Rooster often requires extensive praise and flattery.

Rooster Friends
Roosters are skilled entertainers who love the attention and the flattery that often comes with it. They enjoy hosting big, fancy gatherings and put a lot of work into the appearance and presentation of their homes, languishing in the praise they receive from guests over their efforts.

The Rooster will spend a lot of time, energy and resources on his or her friends. They can be very generous but will want praise and thanks in return. Roosters enjoy company but also require their private time, during which they often pursue their intellectual interests.

Life Challenges of Roosters
Roosters may appear confident outwardly but depend a great deal on the opinions of others. The Rooster’s biggest challenge; therefore, is to truly believe in him or herself and to rely less on the input, opinions and reactions of others.