Character Traits of the Rat
Industrious, intelligent, resourceful, practical, thrifty, charming, self-motivated, communicative, calm, compassionate, observant, caring, discreet, and analytical.

Rats are successful and ambitious. They desire and excel at the accumulation of wealth and material things. Their primary concerns are power and the achievement of security, particularly in terms of worldly possessions. Highly analytical and clear-thinking, Rats are able to achieve great success in most any venture. They are strong leaders and make excellent businesspersons.

Rats are generally witty and well put together. They are usually spiffy in appearance and have a strong degree of emotional control, with the ability to harness and hide their true feelings and desires when necessary to achieve their goals.

They are strong, interesting and often well informed conversationalists, which makes them well suited to highly social lifestyles. They are charming and attractive. They love social gatherings and thrive in high profile positions, as they are happy to be in the spotlight.

Rats crave connections and companionship. They love making public appearances and find happiness in intellectually stimulating and professionally challenging situations.

Rat Lovers
Rats are stylish, warm natured and quick witted. They make attentive and skilled lovers. When young, Rats are often draw to challenging relationships in which they will need to use their powers of seduction to win the affections of a lover; however, they strongly desire long-term relationships and true commitment rather than a string of more short term affairs. They simply enjoy a good challenge.

Once in a committed relationship, Rats are protective, loyal and very gentle. They are nurturing and caring and strongly desire their lover’s approval and undying affection. Rats rarely stray.

Rat Friends
Just as Rats are loyal in love, they are equally committed in friendship. Rats prefer a small, tight nit group of real friends despite their desire for grandiose attention. They are quite likely to keep close contact with childhood friends and make supportive, dependable and trustworthy friends.

Life Challenges of Rats
Rats struggle to overcome their innermost insecurities and fears and to decrease their own anxieties. Though they appear outwardly calm at nearly all times, Rats harbor deep seeded emotional challenges.