Character Traits of the Ram
Imaginative, sincere, creative, sensitive, adaptable, easygoing, gentle, cautious, moderate, refined, calm, orderly, optimistic, friendly, sympathetic, romantic, orderly, pleasant and honest.

Rams are peaceful and often seem serene. They are introverts by nature and are friendly, patient and quite. The can be extreme pacifists, disagreeing with and detesting violence of any form, including everything from heated verbal discussions to actual physical confrontations.

Rams live according to their strong beliefs and values. They do no handle shades of gray when it comes to right and wrong. The calm and introspective personalities of Rams make them quite imaginative and creative and strong listeners who often take in tons of information before deciding what they think and feel about any subject.

Ram Lovers
Rams are sexy and intuitive people who are often innately aware of their own sexuality and sensuality. This makes them romantic, caring, sensitive and attentive lovers, but they do also have a strong desire to experience numerous lovers before settling down for good into a life-long monogamous relationship.

Rams can be somewhat insecure about their own physical appearance and with regard to their own sexual appetites, but they are not so insecure as to allow these things to prevent intimacy. Once committed, Rams are nurturing, faithful and considerate partners.

Ram Friends
Ram friends are generous and kind. They are understanding and committed to their friends regardless of what may come along. Rams are the supportive and encouraging friends that other turn to when they need a shoulder to cry on. The Ram’s sensitive and introspective nature make them exceptionally good at giving thoughtful, kindhearted and heartfelt advice.

Rams are skilled at bringing groups and individuals together. They enjoy socializing though they may be a bit quite at big gatherings. Though they enjoy an active social life, they do desire their alone time, as well. Many Rams bounce back and forth between being very active socially and being some reclusive, when their soul needs feeding.

Life Challenges of Rams
Rams struggle to believe in their own abilities. They must work hard to recognize their own strengths, attractiveness and skills. Rams often must overcome insecurities in order to take greater risks in life so they may reap greater reqards.