Character Traits of the Rabbit
Peaceful, sensitive, diplomatic, reflective, intuitive, refined, moderate, stylish, caring, friendly, quite, alert, clever, sexy, intelligent and even-tempered.

Rabbits are harmonious and flexible. They are quite sensitive by nature and deplore conflict. They would prefer to manage any disputes that may arise through thoughtful, tactful and intelligent diplomacy.

Rabbits are happy and refined, and quite cautious and reflective. They often prefer to observe from a distance rather than actively engage. They tend to select conservative and safely achievable opportunities, goals and options. This tendency leads to fewer big wins but also results in less disruption and upheaval. Rabbits like things even keel.

Rabbit Lovers
Rabbits are often passive lovers who are drawn to older individuals. They are quietly seductive and lighthearted in their flirtatiousness. Rabbits seek security from their romantic relationships and long for protective, intelligent and kind partners.

The Rabbit lover craves contentment and always practices discretion in a relationship. Rabbits are often the other man or woman, due to their ability to maintain a clandestine affair so discretely. Though they may be the interloper in a relationship, most Rabbits’ affairs are long term commitments.

Rabbit Friends
Rabbits are caring friends who are easy to be around. They have an adaptable nature which makes people feel very comfortable with them.

Rabbits find a few close friends to be quietly comforting and often prefer spending time with others to a solitary lifestyle. The Rabbit’s desire for company results in dedication and attentiveness. They grow friendships, promoting healthy and long-lasting relationships.

Life Challenges of Rabbits
Rabbits are not risk takers and may feel trapped by their own fears. They avoid many challenges that seem too daunting and can withdraw when relationships become too difficult or potentially risky.