Character Traits of the Pig
Eager, indulgent, sensual, caring, fun, lighthearted, pleasure seeking, warmhearted, optimistic, peaceful, understanding, flexible, generous, shy, happy, sentimental and modest.

Pigs are happy-go-lucky, easy to please and quick to find contentment in this world. They are excellent peacemakers and have the ability to bring people together quite adeptly.

The Pig’s good-natured personality and peaceful approach make them unhappy in situations where any conflict exists. They seek out simplicity and joy and are happiest in carefree and secure social settings.

Pig Lovers
Pigs are sensuous lovers, wallowing in romance and spending hours submerged in deeply committed and contented love. They are tender, sweet and considerate with their partners and open emotionally when in a happy relationship.

Pigs will forgive easily when in love and may stick it out in a relationship even when things have gone poorly for some time. They do not give up on love easily. Pigs look for protectors and providers in their lovers but can also be quite nurturing themselves.

Pig Friends
Pigs are exceptional friends. They are among the most amiable of personality types, making them well suited to friendships with all different sorts of other people. Pigs are fun, easy going and generally very undemanding. They are kind and considerate with friends and always willing to lend a shoulder, an ear or a helping hand.

Pigs will be there in good and bad times and are happy to have close friends as well as numerous acquaintances with whom they spend time. Pigs enjoy busy social lives as a result of their sweet nature. They are quite social and are always interested in a good time with friends.

Life Challenges of Pigs
Pigs, being so easy going, struggle with goal setting and achievement. They often dream of big things but may struggle to accomplish them.