Character Traits of the Ox
Patient, reliable, conscientious, purposeful, determined, persevering, kind, hardworking, sensuous, dependable, stable, skillful, confident, dexterous, painstaking and authoritative.

Oxen are physically strong and well balanced. They are patience, have a tenacious nature and exhibit incredible endurance. Oxen are generally traditional in their beliefs and take life very seriously. These natural tendencies mean Oxen persevere through most any challenge or hardship in order to satisfy their commitments and achieve personal goals.

Oxen are practical, forthright and honest. They hold dear their beliefs and values and operate from a strict ethical or moral compass at all times. There is no hidden agenda with an Ox. They do not stomach well – or even understand, for that matter – double standards or hidden motives.

The Ox is slow to anger and more often than not, quite placid. However, they do not handle deception well. Those who personally cross an Ox, or someone the Ox cares for, should beware. Oxen, once pushed to anger, are vengeful and unforgettable.

Oxen Lovers
Work precludes love for the Ox, hence most Oxen are not heartbreakers or the most skilled in winning hearts either, nor do most care to be. They are, however, deeply caring and sensual lovers who are profoundly committed to a relationship once in one. They tend to quickly settle down into monogamous relationships, and are quite content with remaining faithful.

Oxen are renowned for intense sensuality and incredible stamina, making them exceptional lovers. They are somewhat traditional in romance and in the bedroom, but they do make highly dependable, considerate, kind, and very protective partners.

Oxen Friends
Oxen are skilled social, though they prefer small gatherings where true personal interaction is possible. They are good at making others feel welcomed, comfortable, secure and appreciated.

Oxen are confident in social situations, sure of themselves in general, and love to promote their own ability to overcome challenges. They enjoy depicting themselves as the defeaters of evil and defenders of right. Though they can be heavy at times in their beliefs and actions, Oxen can also be funny, enjoyable and entertaining to be around.

Life Challenges of Oxen
Oxen struggle to be emotionally open and communicate their true feelings. They are more comfortable talking about beliefs than they are with discussing how actions and events make them feel.