Character Traits of the Monkey
Entertaining, witty, inquisitive, intelligent, energetic, optimistic, sexual, competitive, inventive, lively, talkative, sociable, restless, enthusiastic, versatile, and generous.

Monkeys are mentally lively. They have sharp intellects and wits. The mentally agile Monkey may spend his or her days coming up with incredible plans. Monkeys are always intent on developing schemes to improve their own position in the world. They are not above utilizing manipulation to meet their goals though they are not generally mean spirited in nature. They simply do not see the harm in seeing their plots to fruition through any means necessary.

Monkeys are clever and are tricksters and teasers by nature. They are always in search of fun, excitement and new life experiences. Monkeys quickly bore with routine and will always be looking for a new way to challenge their minds and spirits.

Monkey Lovers
Monkeys are often promiscuous lovers. They are charmers who can manipulate and seduce their way into new affairs with skill and ease. They are naughty lovers who can, at times, lake morals and ethics in their personal choices.

Mystery is attractive to the Monkey and therefore new and interesting sexual partners are enticing. Monkeys revel in the chase and enjoy winning a competition for a lover but they use their mental agility rather than physical confrontations to do so. They are more interested in sexual pleasure than in long-term intimacy. Life-time commitment is something the Monkey usually fears.

Monkey Friends
Monkeys make entertaining and social friends. They are absolute extroverts who hate to be alone. They usually have a wide and varied collection of friends in order to avoid alone time as must as they possibly can.

Monkeys are never boring to be around. They are smart, talkative, enthusiastic and witty. Most people feel very strongly about monkeys – either they love them or they hate them. Ambivalence when encountering a Monkey is rare, indeed.

Life Challenges of Monkeys
The Monkey’s biggest challenges are to develop self-discipline and employ self-restraint, particularly in their relationships. Learning to be alone is another major struggle for the Monkey.