Character Traits of the Horse
Headstrong, hardworking, independent, talkative, dexterous, energetic, strong, sociable, bold, confident, brave, intelligent, opportunistic, competitive, ambitious and youthful.

Horses are free, youthful and vital. They are active by nature, young at heart, regardless of age, and can be restless. Adventurous and full of energy, Horses may be a bit daredevlish and can be somewhat vain.

Free spirited in all aspects of life, Horses are driven to rush into new pursuits. They are quite social and absolute extroverts. Never fearful of speaking their minds, Horses can be stubborn, impetuous, and impatient. They prefer to be the center of attention at any gathering and adore company.

Horse Lovers
Horses are typically quite physically attractive and often remain so throughout most of their lives. They are charismatic and energetic and draw people to them, as a result. They can be physically exhausting as lovers. They can be emotionally exhausting in a relationship, as well, as they view romance as game to be won.

Despite their youthful approach to love, Horses can be daring, charming and dashing. They often steal their lovers away from unhappy or less suitable relationships. Unfortunately though, horses are the most free spirited of lovers and are soon off, in ever-restless fashion, to seek greener pastures.

Horse Friends
Horses are not fans of the quite or the calm. They often dominate conversations and are usually dissatisfied with sedentary activities. They do love company though, and therefore make excellent friends for those who enjoy similar pursuits.

Horses are optimistic and generally cheerful. They do their best to uplift their friends’ spirits, when needed. They can be very loyal and protective companions.

Life Challenges of Horses
Horses struggle to be focused and reflective. They have difficulty sticking it out through the long haul. They desire personal connections but have a hard time understanding others and engaging in active listening.