Four Pillars

Four Pillars of Destiny

The Four Pillars of Destiny is an ancient form of Chinese divination that is tied intimately to Chinese astrology and the Chinese zodiac. This introduction to the complex topic is intended to give our site visitors an idea of what the art of Four Pillars divination is all about.

What Is It?
The Four Pillars of Destiny is but one of the many branches of Chinese Astrology. It is a technique which can be used to predict the most promising or prosperous paths for a person’s life. Through producing a Four Pillars chart, you can learn which actions are most likely to bring you happiness, contentment, prosperity and joy, as well as the best timing for implementing those actions.

A Four Pillars chart will draw on your year, month, day and time of birth. Keep in mind that the most accurate chart will require you to convert your birth date and time to Beijing time. You will additionally need to employ the Chinese lunar calendar in determining your birth year if you were born any time from January 1st through mid-February, as the traditional Chinese calendar begins on a different date each year which can ultimately affect your Chinese zodiac animal sign.

A completed birth chart utilizing all of these criteria will have four “pillars,” each of which will contain four branches and four stems.

What can the Four Pillars of Destiny Tell You?
A Four Pillars Chinese zodiac birth chart can give you all the specifics of not only your Chinese animal sign but also details about your relationship potential with everyone from romantic partners and potential business partners to friends, siblings and parents based on an examination of multiple influences in the sphere of your birth.

A Chinese zodiac birth chart completed in the Four Pillars tradition can inform you of your prospects for health, happiness, success, joy, and opportunity. You can learn when is the best time to pursue new ventures, including education, personal purchases, business and career opportunities. It can additionally tell you when to start and end relationships and when is the most opportune time to pursue your dreams and goals.

A Four Pillars of Destiny birth sign chart can explain your strengths and weaknesses and allow you to play more to those strengths in your career, personal, relationship and general life choices. It can predict your future or your destiny with incredible accuracy and give you the chance to make more of life, as a result.

So is Your Destiny Set in Stone?
The Four Pillars are but a map of your destiny. You make decisions every day that influence your future. A Chinese zodiac sign birth chart is simply a tool that can allow you to make better, more informed choices, resulting in a better, more prosperous and promising future for yourself.