Character Traits of the Dragon
Lucky, confident, idealistic, enthusiastic, exciting, dynamic, extravagant, vital, physical, energetic, powerful, ambitious, creative, brave, optimistic, adventurous and intelligent.

Dragons are powerful and inspirational in character. They can be unpredictable and somewhat volatile, as well. Exceptionally self-confident, Dragons are intelligent individuals who draw others to them through their charismatic and energetically powerful personalities.

Dragons love being the center of attention and can leave others awestruck. Sensitive to their surroundings and in constant need of new experiences, Dragons are free spirits. They are rarely disheartened by life’s challenges and often reap many personal gains as a result.

Dragon Lovers
Dragons long for love and will invest lots of energy in their romantic relationships. They are possessive by nature and are passionate lovers. Dragons are emotionally demanding and can be physically, as well.

Dragons love being in love, and fall in love quickly and often. They are thrilled in the early, exciting stages of a new romance but have difficulty remaining in committed relationships. As free spirits, they too often long for new adventures, and as they love falling in love so very much, they do quickly and frequently move on to new, and as yet, unexplored ground.

Dragon Friends
Dragons need many friends. They are extroverts that love meeting new and interesting people. They are attracted to mysterious and unusual personalities and need constant input from others in order to be happy and to ward off boredom.

Dragons are great during good times and always add to the fun and excitement. They can, however, be poor friends during times of personal challenge or difficulty. Their tempers can be a challenge in friendships too, though their charismatic demeanor and admirable abilities often win out.

Life Challenges of Dragons
Dragons find it difficult to commit. They struggle with finding inner peace. Understanding, appreciating and fully respecting the feelings of others is one of the Dragon’s major life challenges, though they often wish they could.