Character Traits of the Dog
Unselfish, dutiful, loyal, honest, idealistic, trustworthy, courageous, faithful, tolerant, anxious, capable, responsible, kind, generous, compassionate and heroic.

Loyalty and justice are paramount in the Dog’s personality. Dogs are idealistic, highly principled and live according to their beliefs. Dogs believe in right and wrong, good and bad. They rarely see a middle ground on most matters. As such, dogs detest insincerity. They do not tolerate disloyalty and will fight injustice wherever they perceive it to exist.

Dogs make excellent champions and are strong supporters of causes. They often fight for others rights and wish to improve the circumstances of everyone. Dogs can be self-sacrificing in their efforts to make the world a better place and must feel they have a real purpose in order to be satisfied with their lives.

Dogs are alert, attentive and perceptive. They can be quite intuitive. They depend on these traits to guide their actions. They are quick to jump to action and are always ready to leave their mark.

Dog Lovers
Dogs are loyal, thoughtful and patient lovers. They take their time falling in love and once there are very affectionate. Though they make excellent companions, they are more playful and sweet in their actions than they are passionate.

Dogs are committed when in a relationship though they may be a little caution in getting into one. They do not tolerate unfaithfulness in their partners and expect to be treated respectfully at all times. Though kind and tolerant in general, a Dog lover does best with a partner who returns all affections, temperaments and feelings in kind.

Dog Friends
Dogs may seem a bit reserved, or even stand-offish at social gatherings, but this is simply them measuring up the situation. They make excellent and loyal friends who are there for those they love in good times and bad.

Trusting and committed to strong relationships, Dogs are generous and understanding. They forgive friends heir faults, but do expect to be treated fairly. Friendly and good natured, Dogs are great conversationalists and excellent listeners.

Life Challenges of Dogs
Dogs are self-sacrificing and can be too forgiving at times. They therefore are challenged throughout their lives to love and care for themselves with the same degree of commitment and understanding that they afford to others. They additionally struggle to ask for what they want or desire and to find the strength to step outside their comfort zones.