Which signs are compatible in the Chinese zodiac?

Each of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs is more naturally compatible with certain signs than they are with others. There is the potential of compatibility with almost all signs in the Chinese zodiac, though each of the zodiac animals also has an exact opposite.
Achieving a harmonious relationship with a sign that falls in the rating range of 5 to 4 is promising, though it varies from sign to sign. Signs that rate as 5 are the most natural of matches.

The work required to establish and maintain a good relationship with a sign with which the rating is in the 3 to 2 range will be challenging, but not entirely impossible. Both individuals must put a lot of work into the relationship to make it thrive.

Attempting a relationship with an exact opposite – a rating of 1 – is generally considered foolish. Such relationships will not last, if they are even able to get started. These opposite signs are enemies or have antagonistic relationships, making any sort of intimate friendship or romantic involvement impractical, if not impossible.

In the following table you will find compatibility charts which will help you discover the relationship potential for your own Chinese zodiac sign.

Your Chinese Zodiac Sign 5
Most Naturally Compatible
Strong Potential
Takes Some Work to Balance the Relationship
A Great Deal of Work will be Required
Relationships should be Avoided
Rat Monkey, Dragon Ox, Rabbit, Snake Rat, Dog, Pig Tiger, Ram, Rooster Horse
Ox Rooster, Snake Rat, Rabbit, Dog Ox, Monkey, Pig Tiger, Dragon, Horse Ram
Tiger Horse, Dog Rabbit, Dragon, Pig Tiger, Ram, Rooster Rat, Ox, Snake Monkey
Rabbit Pig, Ram Rat, Ox, Tiger Rabbit, Snake, Dog Dragon, Horse, Monkey Rooster
Dragon Rat, Monkey Tiger, Snake, Pig Dragon, Horse, Rooster Ox, Rabbit, Ram Dog
Snake Ox, Rooster Rat, Dragon, Monkey Rabbit, Snake, Ram Tiger, Horse, Dog Pig
Horse Tiger, Dog Ram, Pig Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Rooster Ox, Rabbit, Snake Rat
Ram Rabbit, Pig Horse, Monkey, Dog Tiger, Snake, Ram Rat, Dragon, Rooster Ox
Monkey Rat, Dragon Snake, Ram, Rooster Ox, Horse, Monkey Rabbit, Dog, Pig Tiger
Rooster Ox, Snake Monkey, Pig Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Rooster Rat, Ram, Dog Rabbit
Dog Tiger, Horse Ox, Ram, Pig Rat, Rabbit, Dog Snake, Monkey, Rooster Dragon
Pig Rabbit, Ram Rat, Dragon, Pig Ox, Tiger, Monkey, Dog Horse, Rooster Snake