Animal Trines

The 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac chart are divided into four groupings or “Trines.” Each trine is made up of three Chinese animal symbols. Trine groups provide further insight into the characteristics of individuals born under particular signs.
The three animal signs that make up a trine share certain personality traits and exhibit other common attributes. Each animal sign of the Shēngxiào, or Chinese Zodiac, has the potential for positive and negative character manifestations and the signs that make up a trine are the same. Each sign within the trine may manifest positive or negative attributes that are flipsides of the same root characteristic.

The First Trine
The Rat, Dragon, and Monkey make up the first trine and are capable of profound good as well as great evil. These individuals often make strong leaders though unpredictability is also a common attribute, as first trine members are governed by a highly potent energy.
At their best, members of this group are intelligent, confident, creative, and eloquent. At their worst, they are deceitful, manipulative, jealous, and aggressive. Whether those born under a first trine symbol are their best or worst selves, they are always powerful, charismatic, and intense personalities with the ability to draw others into their fold.

The Second Trine
The zodiac animals that make up the second trine include the Ox, Snake, and Rooster. Individuals born under these signs possess a slow but steadfast energy that allows them to approach life with an unbeatable meticulousness and endurance. Members of this trine may appear rigid or unwavering to others and are indeed quite fixed in their beliefs and opinions, but they are also typically very accomplished.
Second trine members are patient, loyal, good-natured, and strong-hearted at their best. At their worst, they can be petty, critical, and narrow-minded or judgmental. Like first trine members, individuals born under second trine signs also make strong leaders. Unlike unpredictable first trine leaders however, these individuals are more often modest, charitable, and just in their leadership roles.

The Third Trine
The third trine consists of the Tiger, Horse, and Dog signs. Romantic, idealistic, and independent, members of this group have a dynamic character and enduring spirit. Their unique energy creates distinctive individuals, and members of this trine stand out from the crowd. They are especially gifted communicators and often make excellent public speakers. They’re driven idealists that commonly find their niche in justice-seeking careers or through involvement in cause-focused organizations.
At their best, individuals born under a third trine sign are enthusiastic, honorable, engaging, and ethical. At their worst, they’re moody, stubborn, rash, and argumentative. Loyal to a hilt, third trine members are also the type to hold a grudge. Sensitive souls that crave strong connections, these individuals seek soul mates and other strong, personal, and professional relationships.

The Fourth Trine
The Rabbit, Ram, and Pig make up the fourth trine, and individuals born under these signs possess a calming and creative energy. They are compassionate, intuitive, and often well mannered. The quiet and sometimes introverted nature of the fourth trine members may leave them overshadowed by other trines in some cases, but they also have the potential to shine brightly in the arts, social justice, and literary communities, among others.
Sensitive, thoughtful, empathetic, and sensible at their best, fourth trine members make loyal and considerate friends and thoughtful, passionate lovers. Due to their introverted and often obliging nature however, they can also be insecure, naïve, self-sacrificing, and indecisive, and at their very worst, may manifest pessimistic, cunning, and deceitful tendencies.